• September 26, 2021
  • Jackie Garcia

Guide on the Free Online Casino Games

People started to associate the term casino with money: jackpot, bets, tokens. Either you become a millionaire in a matter of minutes, or you lose fortunes in the blink of an eye. All this, of course, is still the case. Many countries have banned casinos because they easily create so-called gaming addiction. But the development of IT brought traditional casinos to the background, giving the laurels of primacy to sweepstakes sites. You can enter the online casino directly from home, receive bonuses, and also play different games, from slots to cards at a time. However, there is another huge difference between casino sites and traditional casinos – free online casino games. We will talk about them in this article, find out why they exist, why you need to play them, and give a list of the best free online casino games on the internet.

But first, let’s discuss what demo versions of online games are.

Why Do Free Online Casino Games Exist?

With the growth in the use of smartphones, personal computers, the leading manufacturers of online casino games began to offer their potential clients more and more comfort and practicality. 

This contributed to the fact that a new layer of gamers appeared, not interested in prizes and money, but the games themselves, their passage, and the fun received from the process. To attract a large number of people, the sites began to create free online casino games. 

Demo versions of games increase the overall traffic of the platforms and make their promotion more effective since it is straightforward to enter the demo version of the game, and no deposit is required from users. 

Sometimes you may be required to register to participate in free online casino games, but even then, you will not be required to enter your bank details. The only thing that sweepstakes sites need is to get your mail address into their database to send you advertisements and the latest news about promotions and prizes.

Why Do You Need to Play Free Casino Games?

free online casino games

Free versions of sweepstakes are essential for casinos and users themselves for several significant reasons. 

1. Exploring New Games

For starters, it allows players to discover new games without the risk of losing money. Due to many offered choices, the user may often get confused and not know where to start. That is what demo versions are for. The process of choosing games doesn’t have to be stressful and expensive.

2. Get Used to Game Rules.

Another critical aspect is familiarization with the rules of the game. Naturally, you can read about the rules in the guides and instructions, but this does not compare with a personal acquaintance with the game interface and controls. In this case, you will not only not be confused when you start playing for money, but you will also have a better idea of ​​the site itself and its quality. 

3. Practice is Everything.

In some games, especially with cards, practice is critical. But as long as you get your hands on a good game, you risk losing a lot of money. That is why you should practice the demos first to gain experience and maximize your chances of success. 

How to Play Free Online Casino Games?

Today, many sites offer not only games for the money but also free demos. You will not need registration for these games more often than not, and you can start the gameplay with just one keystroke. 

In other cases, you may be asked to register for free with your email address, basic personal information, and password. However, be careful with sites that require a deposit and your bank account information. For free games, such information is not needed, and you may stumble upon scammers. 

Also, pay great attention to the software companies that created free online casino games. Some of them are well known and care a lot about their reputation, for example, Microgaming, PlayN’Go, Netent, RiverMonster, Evolution, FlamingoSeven.

Download Casino Games

You can also download some free online casino games. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of downloading free casino games:


1. You can play them from your computer at any time. 

2. You do not need the internet to access the game. 

3. Unlike real money games, free versions have a more comprehensive selection of offline download games. 


1. The download process can take a long time, especially if you have a weak internet connection.  

2. You will only have access to the game from your computer or phone where you downloaded the free version.  

3. You will not have access to updates and promotions.

4. There is a risk of transmitting the virus to your device by downloading. But having a good antivirus can prevent such a scenario.

Best Free Online Casino Games

After we found out about half of the demo versions of casino games, it’s time for recommendations. Below we bring you an exclusive list of some of the best free online games. 

Best free BlackJack Games

If you are a blackjack fan, such as Atlantic City by Microgaming, Single Desk by PlayN’Go, Buster by Felt offer you demo versions without registration and with the same range and functions as in the paid versions.

Best Free Video Poker

Jack or Better by NETENT, Triple Play from IGT, Joker Poker by PlayN’Go are the best examples of free versions of poker. 

Best Free Roulette

If you want to try your luck at roulette but don’t want to risk your money, riverslot sweepstakes games like European Roulette by Playson, French Roulette by NETENT are ready to offer demo versions without registration.

Best Free Slot Games

free online casino games

If you are interested in free slots, MB can recommend Gonzo’s Quest by NETENT, Cleopatra by IGT, and Rainbow Riches by Barcrest.


Free online casino games are helpful not only for internet sweepstakes sites that increase user traffic but also for the players themselves who want to practice or familiarize themselves with the game’s rules without losing money. The development of technology and a large selection of gaming assortment have made demo versions an obligatory attribute for every casino platform. Now you can safely enjoy your favorite cyber cafe games! 


Can you Win a Prize in a Free Online Casino Game? 

Even though you are given a certain amount of virtual money for the internet sweepstakes cafe game in the demo versions, there are the same win rates. However, it would be best if you remembered that this money has no value behind it. Typically, you cannot withdraw your winnings. 

However, in rare cases, an online casino may give you bonuses for participating in free rsweeps games, which you can use in the future in playing for money.

Is it Safe to Play Free Online Casino Games?

As with other internet cafe sweepstakes games, you need to be extremely careful when choosing an online casino to play free demos. Try not to leave your bank details and familiarize yourself with the license of this sweepstakes site. Moreover, check if the gambling site has a valid license.

Do Online Casinos Profit from Free Versions of Games?

No, online casinos do not charge players any money for participation. However, spending your time on the site increases the traffic, which further affects online casinos’ overall popularity and income. So, adding more free online casino games to the gaming library is generally a good idea.