• November 26, 2021
  • Ronald Adams

The Ultimate Guide to Roulette Payouts: Rules, Probability and More

Roulette is one of the most popular casino games attracting thousands of players every day worldwide. Some believe, however, that you can’t win at roulette. On the other hand, others are developing unique roulette payouts schemes, about which you will receive detailed information below. Casino roulette is a method to unwind and potentially earn some additional cash in one way or another. So, let’s go through the major betting methods while covering the rules of playing roulette and see which option offers you the highest payout percentage. 

Inside Bets

If you want to place an inside bet, it is necessary to place the player’s chips (or the entire set of chips as one bet) on one number or on certain places of the table (even on a line of cells) to indicate a group of 2 to 6 numbers. The requirement for any inside bet is to meet the table minimum. The casino allows you to place several bets more minor than the table’s minimum if, in total, they amount to or exceed the minimum. Some online sweepstakes sites set a relatively small maximum bet on internal numbers (around $ 25).

Why should a casino limit internal maximum bets? It is believed that an incredibly lucky gambler can ruin the casino due to large internal stakes. At the same time, at tables with dice or tables with baccarat, the maximum limit often reaches $ 6,000 or even higher. And if online casino workers do not question the unpredictability of roulette, then it makes no sense to limit the rates on this game or fix lower rates in the roulette payouts chart.

Outside Bets

roulette payouts

Outside bets are accepted in the section showing that bets are wagered in roulette payouts 2 to 1.

External rates are usually higher than internal rates. Each bet must not be less than the minimum of the table.

After the drawing and determination of the winning bets, the dealer removes all the losing chips. The dealer then pays out all outside bets, leaving the chips (and payout) at the place of the bet. Then it is the turn to pay out the winnings at the internal rates. Finally, the croupier moves the chips to the winning players. If you do not want your winning bet to play on the next round of the online casino game, you should collect the chips.

Direct bet

That is one of the simple one-number bets. You can place a direct bet on any of the 38 cells. There can be several direct bets. Each player has the right to place 38 different direct bets. As with all bets, the direct bet wins or loses on the next spin of the wheel. You can bet on any number of different numbers.

To place a direct bet, you need to place the chips completely inside the square with a number. They must not touch the line, as this would indicate a different type of bet. Having put the chips on the selected number, the player makes a bet on this number or zero. If the winnings fall on this number, the roulette payouts amount is higher than the original bet. True, the proper ratio should be 36 to 1 (and in American roulette with two zeros – 37 to 1). However, the reduced size of roulette payouts provides the bank with a favorable interest rate.

If zero falls, the bank receives all bets except for equal bets. Equal bets do not win, but they do not lose either. So they remain in their places until the next batch. When one of the two zeros comes up in American roulette, the pot pays the players who bet on it, winning 35 to 1. The rest of the bets go to the pot.

Split bet on two numbers

There are 62 different ways to place a split bet. The chip is placed on the vertical line that separates the two numbers on the table layout to play on two numbers.

The split bet yields two numbers that are drawn the next time the wheel is spun. Falling out of any of the numbers means a win. If one of the numbers wins, the player receives roulette payouts, which is 17 times the size of the bet. Here the actual ratio is 17.5 to 1 (in American Roulette, 18 to 1).

Bet on a row of three numbers

This bet allows you to play three different numbers. Place the chip on the outside line of the selected horizontal row or three numbers to place a straight bet. Thus, a series of three numbers is obtained. You can put a street at 0-1-2, 0-2-00, 2-00-3. In this case, the bet is placed on the intersection of the lines separating these numbers.

Each player can choose 15 possible combinations of bets on three numbers. In case of a win, the player receives an amount that is 11 times his initial bet. Thus, the actual ratio is 34/3 – to 1 (American roulette – 35/3 to 1).

Column bet

roulette payouts

This bet belongs to the category of outside bets and allows the player to close 12 numbers that makeup one of the three vertical columns of a dozen numbers. The bet is placed immediately on 12 numbers of one of the vertical columns. In this case, the chip is placed in a small empty field at the bottom of the selected column. For example, the player bets on the rightmost column starting with three and ending with 36. The numbers in the columns are easy to remember since each previous one is three more than the next: 3-6-9-12-15 and so on.

There are three possible combinations of bets in one column. If one of these numbers wins, the payout is 2 to 1. The proper ratio in royal roulette is 25/12 to 1 (in American roulette, it is 13/6 to 1).

Bet on twelve numbers

This bet is another way to cover 12 numbers, but the numbers are in order: 1 to 12, 13 to 24, and 25 to Z6. A bet on twelve numbers should be placed on the outer area labeled P (1-12), M (13-24), or D (25-36).

The size of roulette payouts is the same as in the column. You can put simultaneously on two adjacent columns or two groups of 12 numbers each. If you win, the payout will be half of the stake. So the actual ratio is 11/13 to 1.

In this article, we have reviewed the basic methods of distributing bets about roulette payouts. Study each tactic carefully by composing your roulette payouts calculator to help maximize your winnings in this game.