• January 31, 2022
  • Jackie Garcia

Top Virtual Casino Games that You Can Try in 2022

You asked for a recommendation, and we are here to deliver. In this article, you are going to get substantial information about the best virtual casino games as well as get a chance to learn about their exclusive features. We collected the list of the best casino slots that you can play online, and while doing so, we focused on the most popular games that appeal to the masses. So, without further ado, let’s start the list with no other than Starburst. 


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Starburst is considered to be one of the most popular and epic games that came out of Net Entertainment. The game has a decade-long history in the market, and it deserves every award and accomplishment that it got over those years. When it comes to virtual casino games, we tend to analyze slots separately from the ones like poker or blackjack. 

The main reason for that is online slots are chance-based casino titles. So, in a chance-based game, it is better to increase your odds as much as possible, and for doing so, you might as well pick casino slots like this one which offers you 96 percent RTP. On top of that, there are many exciting features in the game that you should know about. The main theme of the game can be recognized as sci-fi as the main screen will remind us of a galaxy. 

There are five reels and three rows in Starburst. On top of that, players will have ten fixed pay lines on which they can bet from 1 cent up to 5 dollars per active line. The prize pool is full of exciting surprises, and the main jackpot of the game is worth more than 50.000 dollars. So, if you are in search of profitable virtual casino games, look no further than this one. 

Gonzo’s Quest

Another legendary virtual casino game that we are going to point out is Gonzo’s Quest. It is no wonder why so many players pick this river slot casino game as their favorite even after all those years that it has been in the market. Gonzo’s Quest is a very unique and exciting video slot that creates a chance for you to earn great rewards while enjoying the exclusive gameplay. 

The main storyline captures the historical figure who was mainly known as Gozalo Pisarro. The trip to El Dorado and search for gold is what the main storyline is all about. In this journey, you are going to accompany Gonzo and help him to discover those lands so that you can earn those gold chips. The game provides you with five rows, five lines, and 20 flexible pay lines. 

Features that You Should Focus On

With that said, you can change the number of active lines at the start of the game if you do not have enough funds, to begin with. With its low volatility and high payout rate, the potential of the game is very significant for earning real cash rewards. On top of all that, there are free spins, cashback, avalanche reels, the gamble, and many more exciting features that you can use to maximize the effectiveness of the rewards. 

In 2020, new updates came to the game, which made it easier for modern slot lovers to enjoy this title. Not only did the new mega ways feature make it possible for progressive jackpot players to check out the sweepstakes game, but also the new updated mobile casino version enabled Android as well as iOS users to freely play Gonzo’s Quest. 


virtual casino games

Jumanji is another exciting river slot that you can check out. The unique features of the game are what make it special in the eyes of slot machine fans. The flexible number of reels and unique layout of the game allows players to take advantage of the system and increase their odds of winning. 

The internet sweepstakes game is inspired by the popular movie Jumanji and the reel is designed in a way that reminds us of a board game that has been used in the movie. The hunter, wild animals, as well as the book of Jumanji are among the symbols that you can find on the reels. 

There are as many as 36 pay lines in the game, and on each of them, you can deposit up to 10 dollars. It is a fast-paced slot machine that can help you to win great prizes in no time. So, if you have never tried virtual casino games like this one before, make sure to do it as soon as you enter a sweeps cash casino that is powered by Net Entertainment. 

Final Thoughts on Virtual Casino Games

As you can see, there are a number of exciting virtual casino games on the market. The choice is yours, and depending on your preferences regarding the slot games, you can choose any of them and enjoy the gameplay.