Easy Rules and Seamless Gameplay:

Let's have a quick look at how you play Coin Dozer!

This title replicates the same mechanics you see in traditional coin pusher machines. When you open the game on the Flamingo App, you will see a virtual platform full of coins. Your goal is to drop your coins on the platform at the right time to push the existing ones towards the edge and eventually make them fall into your pocket! That's it; this game doesn't complicate your life with difficult rules.


The Right Mix of Skills and Luck

As you might have guessed, Coin Dozer needs the right mix of skills and luck. It goes without saying that it can be quite challenging to fill your pocket with coins if it's not your lucky day. However, it's not only about luck when it comes to Coin Dozer.

Coin Dozer also requires a lot of skill, as you must find the perfect time to drop your coin and trigger a chain reaction. That's why this game is so popular; it gives players a chance to test both their luck and a sense of right timing and precision, in other words - skills.

Fantastic Visuals & Sound Effects

Coin Dozer has appealing visuals to make your gaming experience even more enjoyable. But visuals are not the only factor making this game so exceptional. Coin Dozer also integrates quality sounds, like clatters from coins crashing with each other, and other festive tones that make you feel like you are in a virtual amusement park!


Try Coin Dozer Right Now to Win More

Many experienced Coin Dozer enthusiasts claim it is way easier to win rewards in this game if you play it on your mobile phone. The reason is that mobile phone screens give you a better visual grasp of the platform. This also means you can choose a better time to jump into the game with your coin and drop it more precisely.

Keep in mind that Coin Dozer is a multiplayer online game, so you need to beat the machine as well as your competition if you want to stay on top. There are 4 available gaming rooms in Coin Dozer, and you can pick the one that you want to start instantly.

Download the Flamingo App, access Coin Dozer, and start pushing coins into your pocket!