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Our sweepstakes software has the most popular & latest slots and management tools all in one place!

FlamingoSeven is a gambling software and game developer that can help you launch a sweepstakes parlor within a short period of time! As a team, we always try to provide the customers with the latest sweepstakes solutions to build an amazing platform from scratch.

Whether you would like to update the existing sweepstakes platform or start a brand new one, FlamingoSeven can help you to achieve those targets efficiently. Our sweepstakes software is packed with innovative solutions that allow you to adjust to the market's immense competition and get recognition immediately.


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Why Employ FlamingoSeven Sweepstakes Software

Availability of Interactive Sweepstakes Casino Titles

It is one of the perks that you can access by partnering with FlamingoSeven. Many popular sweepstakes games are available on the software package. While players enter your sweepstakes parlor, they will look for variety because freedom of choice regarding the gaming content is one of the key factors that help those players evaluate the gaming platforms. To get high regard and positive feedback from those players, you need to offer multiple genres of sweepstakes casino games.

Fortunately, that should not concern those who are going to employ FlamingoSeven as their main sweepstakes software supplier. In terms of the quality and variety of sweepstakes games, FlamingoSeven offers you unrivaled packages that include all the major gaming genres and their variations. Whether you would like to include sweepstakes slots or invest in table card games, you can always count on FlamingoSeven to deliver high caliber games.


High-Quality Visual Effects

Variety is not the only advantage you will get regarding the sweepstakes games. Our gaming portfolio features interactive sweepstakes games that offer high-quality visuals and stunning graphics. While starting the business, you need to focus on the target audience's needs and try to match those needs effectively. By providing them with exceptionally well-designed sweepstakes games, you will immediately grab the attention of the player. Therefore, they would stick to your platform as they enjoy the exciting features and cutting edge graphics that those games contain.

Promotional Tools

As you start the business, you need to promote it effectively in order to interact with your target audience and increase leads. It will be a lot easier for you to complete that process by utilizing the available marketing tools in FlamingoSeven's sweepstakes software. Even though you offer high-quality games and a fully functional interface, there is still room for improvement. To close those gaps, you can use the online marketing tools that we offer. We will closely work with you to design the marketing strategy and guide you through implementing the initial plan. Digital marketing tools that you can find in FlamingoSeven Sweepstakes software include SEM, on-page/off-page SEO, Display/Banner ads, PPCs, and promotion through major social media platforms.


Customization Opportunities

FlamingoSeven allows you to work on the initial design of the sweepstakes software and change the things you do not like. We can work closely with you on determining the fonts, colors, and overall layout of the casino platform. The availability of both white label and online casino software modules creates an opportunity for you to pick the more appealing to your business. You can come up with your ideas, and we can discuss the possibilities regarding the design of your sweepstakes platform.

Legal Compliance

By partnering with FlamingoSeven, you would not need to lose extra time by working on the documentation process as our sweepstakes software comes with the license. While designing this product, we took the legal compliance very seriously and ensured that our software is compiling with local and international jurisdictions. Depending on the area where you will run the sweepstakes business, you can contact us to discuss whether or not our license is available in that area.

All the sweepstakes casino games that we offer are tested for fairness. It is a crucial aspect that players focus on while evaluating whether or not you are a reliable sweepstakes parlor. We made sure that every game mechanism is running through Random Number Generators. These are the two major attributes that set the best apart from the rest.



Flamingo Seven sweepstakes software provides you with seamless integration of promotional tools such as bonuses and loyalty programs. These tools are great for increasing the incentive of the players as well as keep them motivated. In order to get long-term success in the sweepstakes business, you need to satisfy the needs of your casino players. The easiest way to achieve that feat is to provide them with creative bonuses and annual loyalty programs. By cooperating with FlamingoSeven, you will get a ready package regarding these tools, which will enable you to start attracting players as soon as you launch the platform.