We are Here to Facilitate Business Growth for Our Partners and Improve Their Current Riverslot Platform

By combining the expertise, knowledge, and innovative riverslot solution, we came up with this product that can help you to accelerate the sweepstakes business.

Why Flamingo Seven?

  • Years of Experience in the Field
  • Rich Gaming Portfolio
  • Fast Project Development Timeframe
  • Customized service for Every Partner
  • Best Value for Your Money
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • Seamless Integration of Management Tools

Faster, Seamless, and More Rewarding

Employ our white label riverslot software solution and enjoy the range of tools that are available to you. Our White label riverslot software is considered to be a winning option for experienced sweepstakes operators. The development of the platform, maintenance, and user support are just some of the advanced features that you can access by getting this model.

The Complete configuration and development of your new riverslot platform can be achieved through this software solution. If you do not have much time left and want to enter the business as quickly as possible, you need to pick the White label Riverslot Solution. This model includes

  • Bespoke design
  • Seamless navigation
  • Responsive front end
  • And ready bonus strategies

Turnkey Option

If you would like to have the more customizable option, you can get Turnkey software solution from Flamingo Seven. Turnkey software allows you to personalize the initial design, add custom patterns, and change the desired aspect in the look of the platform. These options suit more for those of you who have enough time until the initial launching phase of your riverslot website.


Insights and Analytics tools

The Riverslot software of Flamingo Seven comes with innovative tools such as real-time analytics and reporting. Through this tool, you can access features such as

  • Player statistics
  • Performance Reporting
  • And Market Data Analytics

By having the data on hand, it will be easier for you to identify the operational improvements and adjust to them. Making data-driven decisions while running a riverslot platform is key to success. By having the player statistics, it will be much easier for you to design loyalty programs and promotional events. You will manage to reward those loyal customers by offering them discounts in games, custom promotion packages, and so on.

Payment Processing

We integrate ready payment processing systems to the riverslot software. Almost all the popular payment solution providers are available through this app. Your target audience will seamlessly complete depositing and withdrawals through Google Pay, Master/Credit Cards, direct pay, PayPal, and cryptocurrencies. We are partnering with those brands which offer fast transactions and low fees to provide you with the most feasible options regarding the payment methods.


Multiple Riverslot Titles are Covered

By employing the Flamingo Seven riverslot software, you will instantly access popular games that fans love to play. We offer a variety of different riverslot games and their variations. You can find classic, modern, 3D video slots alongside table card games in our rich gaming library. Including different genres of riverslot titles in your platform will increase your chances of attracting a more diverse customer base over time.

Fraud Prevention and Security Tools

Riverslot software of Flamingo Seven comes with security tools to ensure safe gameplay for players. Integration of data encryption allows you to keep your platform safe from cyber attacks. In addition to that, the availability of cryptocurrency as the primary payment method brings transparency to your platform. It helps you to provide the best gaming experience for players with a high level of security.


Rich Marketing Tools

The platform is full of interactive features, and one of those features is the availability of rich marketing tools. Having a great gaming platform is not enough to grow in this type of highly competitive market. So, you need to pay close attention to promotional activities. Through the available marketing tools in the riverslot software, it should not be a big deal for you. Having a great marketing strategy will attract new players to join your riverslot website while encouraging current players to stay loyal to your brand. We offer

  • SEO
  • SEM
  • PPC/Display ads
  • Content creation
  • Affiliate marketing opportunities
  • And flexible bonus program

Through utilizing these services in the riverslot software, you will seamlessly reach the potential global audience and grab their attention.

Player and Staff Management Tools

Flamingo Seven Riverslot software provides you with exceptional player account management tools. By utilizing these tools, you can

  • Edit Player Profiles
  • Get Player’s Payment History Report
  • Lock or Unlock a particular user account, etc

In addition to the player management, there is also a hierarchy-based staff management feature of the riverslot software. This tool can help you to assign tasks and give access to staff members depending on their position. Having full control over your platform allows you to make certain adjustments and establish a reliable enterprise.


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