Cutting-edge Internet Cafe Software to Run Your Shop

If you are looking to internet cafe business or improve the existing cyber cafe platform, you came to the right place. Our internet cafe software has the most popular & latest slots and management tools all in one place!

As Flamingo 7 Casino, our priority is customer satisfaction, and in order to achieve that, we work tirelessly to bring you the best quality of internet cafe solutions. Our multi-functional internet cafe software is designed by professionals who have years of experience in the market.


Why Choose Our Internet Cafe Software


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This is a type of system that will improve cybercafe administrators' lives by offering them a variety of effective management tools. You should not worry about integrating several systems in order to run your cybercafe business after you acquire Flamingo Seven internet cafe software. It contains more than enough tools that will enable internet cafe administrators to seamlessly access the needed data and manage the tasks efficiently with only a few clicks.


Our Software Allows You To Compete

Entering an industry like the internet cafe business is hard and challenging for many entrepreneurs as we take into consideration the fact that it is a declining market. However, that does not mean that you should be discouraged from starting your cybercafe, especially when you employ such high caliber products as Flamingo 7 internet cafe software.

We designed this system while analyzing all the necessary factors that played a role in customer satisfaction, user engagement and took all in one approach while including the most creative solutions as well as seamless management tools.

Why Do You Need To Acquire Flamingo 7 Internet Cafe Software?

Flamingo 7 Internet Cafe software provides you with a number of advantages. This is the system that mainly consists of two parts, which are the server and client software. While server software will enable you to deal with the maintenance issues, the client software part will make sure that you block all the unauthorized access to the main terminals, track user sessions, and learn about major statistics about users.

Full Control of Your Internet Cafe

By utilizing the available services that we provide, you will control your cybercafe business with ease. The interface of the program is very straightforward. You will access all the needed information regarding the modules and control panel on the main screen. All those manuals are on display. Through the dashboard, you will manage to

  • See the list of active devices and list of customers
  • Create, add or edit products
  • Create a list of available terminals in the cyber cafe
  • Filter out to get a summary of sessions regarding the particular terminal
  • Give discounts, set prices of the services
  • And switch on/off certain devices whenever sessions start or finishes
  • Wireless Billing and Customizable Wi-Fi Login

    It is another great feature that you can have in your cyber cafe by employing FlamingoSeven Internet Cafe Software. Through wireless billing, you will change your customers for the usage of the cafe network with their personal devices such as mobile phones, wireless laptops, and so on. They will pay for the extra quota that they are using, and it will be easier for you to add that amount to the overall bill of the customer through the POS module of our cyber cafe software.

    Easy Pricing and Charging Methods

    By utilizing the available services, you will get rid of the challenging calculation process in one click. Our internet cafe software enables administrators to configure pricing for a minute, hours and add the sum to the overall bill of the customer. Taxes can be easily deducted via this tool. Besides that, you can charge customers extra for using the printer. Depending on the number of pages and color of those texts, you can set different amounts for those services.

    POS Integration

    As you might know, internet cafes are no longer places where users go for only accessing the internet. There are many advantages that those platforms provide us with. Some of those perks include food and beverages, which you can buy while enjoying your time in a cyber cafe. In addition to those, customers can purchase CDs, DVDs and memory cards.

    In order to provide customers with such services, internet cafes need to have a Point of sale system that can handle the transactions. While employing FlamingoSeven internet cafe software, it will be a lot easier for you to complete such tasks as it comes with a fully functional POS module. You can enter the prices of the products into the system and sell goods and services easily through this module.