We Provide Up-to-date Online Casino Software Solutions

To survive the tough competition in the online casino business, you need to employ a high caliber online casino software. Fortunately, you can find that product on Flamingo 7 Casino. Our software has the most popular & latest slots and management tools all in one place!

We are a team of professionals who strive to provide you with the best casino software solutions and improve your business's profitability. By utilizing the services that Flamingo 7 offers, you will attract customers from all over the world in a relatively short period of time.


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Latest & Most Popular Slots


Amazing Graphics & Sound


Seamless Management Tools


Secure Payment Systems


Low system requirements


Mobile integration

Flamingo 7 Online Casino Software

Quick Launch Opportunity

You can start your casino business as soon as you acquire Flamingo Seven's gambling software. We ensure rapid market entry for business owners like you, enabling them to establish themselves as a newcomer to the iGaming industry.

Latest Online Casino Games

Flamingo 7 online casino software has the latest & most popular game titles which means whatever games your visitors will be looking for will find them on your platform! You will never lose a customer for a lack of popular slot games.

Cutting-edge Casino Solutions

We specialize in building interactive online gambling software products to enable your future customers to access and enjoy the casino content. With the immense user engagement tools, you will easily attract new players and thrill them with what you have to offer!

Secure Payment Options

Whether you want to build a crypto casino or the regular one, you can always count on the secure payment options delivered by FlamingoSeven. Without facing any hassles, you will manage to incorporate several payment methods in your gambling platform through FlamingoSeven online casino software. Available options include both crypto and flat transaction methods with seamless integration for each of them.

Mobile User Engagement

All the casino games available in Flamingo 7 online casino software are compatible with mobile devices. If you would like to launch a mobile casino app instead of the regular one, we can seamlessly handle that task. Our professional development team has years of experience in both mobile and desktop casino game development. So, you can always count on FlamingoSeven regardless of the platform type you will launch.

Your Dedicated Server Partner

Our team in Flamingo 7 is ready to cope with the issues you can have in your gambling platforms after launching the casino software. We offer 24/7 technical support and ongoing feedback to improve the platform's usability. We are constantly in contact with our customers to ensure they are operating successfully.

Compliant WIth Local Jurisdictions

To run an online casino platform, you need to have certain licenses prior to launching the website. By partnering with Flamingo 7, you will manage to access those documents effortlessly. Our Online casino software is certified through multiple local and international jurisdictions. We are constantly following the new regulatory shifts so that our clients can adapt without having any legal consequences.

Direct Integration

You will have quick access to the gaming portfolio and online casino solutions that are offered in the gambling software of Flamingo 7. Our casino product acts as an integration layer that manages the process perfectly. As soon as you purchase the software, you will enjoy a variety of online casino games and the management and promotion tools that we provide.

It is a ready product that allows you to enter any regulated market without hesitation. You should not worry about the experience level before launching this casino platform as our casino software is very straightforward and easy to use. You will manage to address specific demographics and user groups by providing them with gambling titles that they want to play. Through our analysis and reporting tools, you will complete successful market research and find out the main areas that your customers are focusing on.


We Provide Up-to-date Online Casino Software Solutions

Whether you want to start a brand new online casino or fill out the gaps in existing platforms, as Flamingo 7, we are ready to help you maximize revenue, promote your business, and establish a successful gambling website. If you want to learn more, reach out to Flamingo 7 and get a demo of the online casino software.