Free Spins Bonus: How to Maximize Your Sweepstakes Gains?
  • July 6, 2021
  • Ronald Adams

Free Spins Bonus: How to Maximize Your Sweepstakes Gains?

What is a free spins bonus? A free spins bonus is what it sounds like, which means that they are free credits that you can earn through winning in the sweepstakes games. Free spins bonuses are simply one of the best and most helpful welcome bonuses offered at most online casinos, especially if you enjoy playing online casino slot games. 

The term “free” is commonly associated with spins (either single or multi-line spins) in online sweepstakes games. However, the free spins feature is not always provided nor advertised by all online casinos. A sweepstakes website may offer a free spin bonus to attract new players or entice old players to return to the site.

What is Free Spins Bonus?

So, what exactly is a free spins bonus? Essentially, the free spins feature in online casino slots is an extra spin (or several spins) that you are allowed to use while playing a slot machine. In some riversweep slot machine games, spins are not allowed, such as Wheelspin, Bonus Ball spin, etc. 

If you are playing river slots that do not allow for extra spins, then a ” Spin Resets” option should be displayed on your online casino’s home page. When you hit this option, the spinning of your wheel will be repeated as many times as necessary for the number of spins equal to the value of the bonus you have selected.

Does this mean that there is no hope to actually win real money with a free spins bonus? Absolutely not! Free spins are a great way to learn and practice playing online slots without using real money, so you can develop a basic feel for the sweepstakes cafe game before investing real money. Of course, as with any type of wagering activity, you must always protect yourself from scams.

How to Find Legit Free Spins Bonus Offers?

free spins bonus

How can you tell if an online casino offers free casino spins, and how can you know whether or not it is worth signing up for? One way is to read the terms and conditions listed on the bonus signup form, which should explain the rules for free spins. This will also let you know if there are certain types of deposits that are more desirable than others. In the later parts of the article, we will discuss the importance of reading terms and conditions before entering a particular platform. 

How to Receive Sweepstakes Bonuses?

The most common way to receive these bonuses is to sign up for mobile casino platforms. These are not traditional land-based casinos but rather are delivered through wireless or cellular carriers to your personal computer, laptop, or mobile phone. 

To qualify for a mobile casino bonus, you must choose a service from a select group of providers. These providers include some of the larger and well-known online casino companies such as Playtech, Microgaming, and Playhouse casinos.

These types of platforms work very much like online sweepstakes websites in that they offer slot players the opportunity to play for free. Instead of paying upfront for any slot cards or coins that you win, you simply deposit your bonus dollars (the same kind of bonus dollars that you would find at traditional online casinos) and use them to play on designated slot machines. 

Most of these casinos do require that you spend at least a specified amount of money on spins, with some casinos requiring a cumulative maximum of $2021 in order to cash out your winnings. You may also be required to download a software program to your computer that will allow you to track your winnings. You may be able to redeem your bonus dollars after your timeframe has expired, but this may depend on the casino Terms and Conditions.

What About Loyalty Points? 

Loyalty Points

A variety of different online casino hospitality companies offer loyalty programs that reward customers who spend their loyalty points with even greater benefits. These programs often require that a player sign up for a minimum number of years in order to qualify for a specific reward. 

Some sweeps cash casinos offer reward points for every single spin played, while others offer to double your loyalty points for every single deposit made into a new online casino account. By accumulating loyalty points, you can get higher in the rankings, and at the end of each month, you will get your rewards which can consist of free spins, free cash, access to VIP programs, and so on. 

Why Reading Terms and Conditions for the Bonuses is Critical?

When you sign up for any casino offering a free spins bonus, it is essential that you read the terms and conditions associated with the program to find out what you can and cannot do. It is important to remember that a casino may change the terms of its spin promotion at any time without prior warning. It is your responsibility to check the terms of any program before you make a deposit to ensure that you will be able to keep your bonus. In the unlikely event that an internet sweepstakes site changes the rules after you have started, you will have to find alternative methods of getting your money back.


What is Free Spins Bonus?

Free spins bonus, as you might guess by the title, is the promotion that you can get at slot machines. It grants players a chance to spin the wheel without actually depositing.

How to Use Free Spins in Online Casino?

To learn how to use free spins in online casino, you need to try it out and see it practically. After earning free spins, all you need to do is to click an icon for free spins and enjoy the offer.

Which Online Casinos offer Free Spins?

There are many online casinos that offer free spins. Most notable examples for this are 888, Gross venor, and Bovada.

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