How to Play?

When you log into your Flamingo 7 account, you'll easily spot "Galactic Hunter" among the array of available games. Clicking on the game transports you into the heart of cosmic warfare. Here, you are presented with a selection of as many as 30 game rooms. Click on the game room that you would like to play in and start the game right away. Keep in mind that it is a multiplayer arcade game, and therefore, you will have 3 opponents in each room as well.


What Are the Available Weapons in Galactic Hunter? 

Galactic Hunter features two primary types of weapons, each suited to different playing styles and strategies:

  • Laser: This weapon is perfect for those who prefer precision and power, and it is designed to target high-value spaceships. While potent, it demands accuracy to be effective.
  • Bullet Cannon: For players who favour a more versatile approach, the Bullet Cannon is the ideal choice. It allows attacks on any target within the game screen and can be utilized by all 4 players.

Pay Table:

The rewards in Galactic Hunter are as varied as the enemies you face. Each type of spaceship you successfully destroy comes with its own set of reward multipliers. Here's a quick overview:

  • High-Value Targets: Terran, Juno, Skylark (X50 - 100)
  • Mid-Value Targets: Electron, Vulcan Centaur, Firefly (X10 - 60)
  • Lower-Tier Targets: Hoba, Themis, Vesta, Alpha Centauri (X4 - 10)
  • Special Targets: Stellar Storm, Chiron, Aurora Atlas, Nova Runner (X10-20)
  • Minor Targets: Iris (X2), Calivo (X3), Metis (X4), Paitan (X5), Solar Striker (X6)

As you can see, each spaceship has its own value, and therefore, you can earn more by focusing on bigger targets. On the other hand, keep in mind that high-value targets cannot be easily destroyed, and you need to utilize almost all of your bullets/laser attacks for them to explode.


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