How to Choose the Best Online Casinos in the US
  • September 20, 2021
  • Ronald Adams

How to Choose the Best Online Casinos in the US

For sweepstakes lovers, the number of sites with a large assortment of all kinds of online casino games is steadily growing. Regardless of the playing experience, everyone can find their favorite game, which will bring a lot of pleasure and, most importantly, profit. But to maximize your winnings and bring you an unforgettable gaming experience, we decided to analyze the¬†best online casinos in the USA¬†and help you to pick them easily. There are so many parameters by which you can determine your choice, depending on your goal and tastes. So let’s figure out where to start.

Criteria for Choosing the Best Online Casinos in the USA

There are several ways to evaluate and compare online casinos globally, including payouts, bonuses, deposits, trustworthiness, etc. Below we will look at each of these aspects.


Shortly, payouts are the ratio of the number of winnings from one round and the player’s bet. Hence, it is the percentage of your bet that will be returned to you if you win. The payout percentage is set by the online casinos themselves and is usually above 85%.¬†

Therefore, to maximize your winnings and protect yourself from losing a lot of money, you need to research and carefully compare the percentage of payouts. Remember that the best online casinos in the USA have payout percentages of 95% or more!  

Another name for this term is RTP (Return To Player). It should be noted that RTP is a statistical indicator that shows the amount of money from your initial bet that you will receive as a prize. But this index does not reflect your chances of winning in any way. 


best online casinos in the USA

Almost all internet cafe gaming sites use different types of bonuses to attract new players.

Particularly generous bonuses are given to newcomers for sign-up and a first deposit. It is noteworthy that the best online casinos in the USA can issue welcome bonuses up to 50% of your initial deposit! In addition, some online casinos offer no deposit bonuses with which you can play multiple rounds without risking your money. 

Another standard method for attracting new users is a deposit match bonus. For opening an account for a player, the deposit can grow several times. There are also bonuses for certain games. For example, free spins are often given out to inferno slots lovers. Approach the bonus system wisely, and then you can squeeze the maximum profit from your online riverslot sweepstakes game.

By the way, you don’t have to be a beginner to receive generous bonuses. The difference between the best online casinos in the USA is loyalty bonuses for regular users, who offer lucrative packages every month.


To win the jackpot, you have to be a fortunate person. The best online casinos in the United States offer a chance to win up to $ 5 million, but it is complicated to do it. For example, in a video keno game, the jackpot is almost impossible, but the chances of winning small prizes can be up to 25%.  

Therefore, it is essential to know your chances of winning to distribute your bets in advance and build the right strategy. Many online casinos also offer progressive jackpot options. Thus, the winnings increase throughout the game, depending on the number of bets and players in the round. Therefore, carefully study what conditions for winning online casinos are put forward.


The reliability of the sites is a fundamental criterion for determining the best online casinos in the USA. Please note that many sites will require you to enter your personal and banking data. Therefore, you need a guarantee that your information is protected. It is crucial to avoid any fraud, so it is best to take a close look at the gaming platform you intend to play on. 

For example, read other players’ reviews and find out how long it took them to get the withdrawals and so on. Also, pay attention to the¬†sweepstakes software¬†providers of¬†internet sweepstakes cafe games¬†on particular platforms. Such as NETENT, Microgaming, Flamingo7, RiverMonsters, PlayN’Go have long proven their trustworthiness and care very much about their image.¬†

Another effective method is to check online casino licenses. All certified sweepstakes sites have licenses that are entirely open to the public. If the casino refuses to pay you your winnings, you can contact the organization that issued the license to this site.


Another important criterion is how many players are in the online casino and how popular the site is. Statistically, large online casinos have about 50,000 daily site visits. If the site has few users, then, accordingly, the winnings will be small. There is a possibility that in the case of a big jackpot, you will have problems with the payment from the casino. 

However, that is not fraudulent, as the online casino will not have a sufficient budget to pay you a large amount of money. You should also check the monthly withdrawal limit. For example, if the limit is $ 1,000 and you won $ 250,000, imagine how many years it will take you to withdraw your money entirely. On the other hand, a big jackpot can be picked up in just a week or a month in large online casinos.

Number of Games in Online Casino

The more games the platform provides you, the more enjoyable your pastime will be and your choice wider. The best online casinos in the US have many games from world-famous manufacturers such as NETENT, Flamingo7, Microgaming, Playtech, and others. Many large online casinos can have in their assortment up to several thousand different games for every taste. At a minimum, sites should have roulettes, slot machines, card games, fish table games, and sports betting. In addition, some online casinos offer game demos where you can try your skills for free.

Technical Support

best online casinos in the USA

Sooner or later, you will have to contact the support team of the casino site. It is best to do this immediately after registration to find out how adequate the management of this company is. The best options would be online chat and a technical support hotline. Please note that having a professional online casino team can quickly resolve essential issues that you may encounter while playing.


Having carefully considered all significant aspects for choosing the best online casinos in the USA, we come to the following conclusions.

1. The best online casino must have an excellent reputation, feedback, and popularity among users.

2. Online casinos should provide a good selection of bonuses and promotions to engage players. Games should be profitable to play for everyone.

3. Pay attention to the trustworthiness of the site, availability of a quality license, as well as a professional technical support team.

4. A considerable variation of games with good wins and payouts.

Lastly, we want to list some of the best online casinos available for US citizens:

1. Spin Casino. It is the best gambling site, according to polls for 2021. A high level of RTP (98%), a large selection of games (over 700), as well as generous prizes clearly distinguish this casino from others;

2. Jackpot City Casino, which also stands out for its high level of payouts and wide range of games;

3. Ruby Fortune, where you may find the best bonuses;

4. Ignition Casino;

5. Bovada.

Knowing all these criteria, now you are entirely ready to choose the best online casinos in the USA on your own. 


Which USA sweepstakes casino Offers online slots?

There are many USA sweepstakes casino sites that offer online slots. The list includes Flamingoseven, Rivermonster, UltrapowerGames, BitBetWin, Blue Dragon, Fire Kirin, etc.

How to Compare Online Casinos to find the best one?

To compare online casinos, you need to look at their gaming portfolio, functionality, and bonuses. Then, make a side-by-side comparison and pick the best one.

What Are the Best online casinos in the USA?

The best online casinos in the USA are BitBetWIn, BitPlay, Cryptosino, 888, etc. All these platforms offer you a unique gaming experience and exciting sweepstakes titles.

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