How To Play Video Keno And Win?
  • August 30, 2021
  • Frank Cooper

How To Play Video Keno And Win?

Keno enthusiasts can confirm that video keno has incredible thrill and impressive profits. Keno profitability has been a controversial question. However, those who know how to play video keno see the answer lies in using an effective strategy and persistence.

Now keno is probably the most underrated casino game because it’s controlled by chance or luck. But, even though it’s somewhat true, you can learn how to win at video keno.¬†

This guide will give you the essential tips you need to figure out optimal play. Remember that the guide doesn’t promise you’ll win every time. However, these strategies have been proven to work for numerous players worldwide. So there’s no harm in trying yourself.¬†

Let’s begin.¬†

How To Play Video Keno 

To learn how to play video keno, you must select the type of bet you want to make. Usually, this will be the choice of max. Bet, often, 3 or 4 coins, or Bet One, I coin. Then, you’ll have to choose the numbers you wish to bet on.¬†

The number of coins that a keno machine will accept, the number of numbers you can select, the denomination, and the number of numbers chosen by the machine will vary depending on the video keno machine and different casino games. 

However, the machine will mark all the information. So, for example, if you play on a machine that allows 10 number options, you can select 20 of the numbers you require by choosing them on the board. 

If you want to reconsider your choice, you can re-click on a number that will deselect it. What you do next is to decide how many games you wish to play. You can play a single game simultaneously as you put in more coins and select new numbers each time. 

But numerous players see this as time-wasting and not very useful. So you’ll see options for different game amounts. For example, Play One, Play Ten, etc. You’ll find numerous of these buttons, and you choose the one you want.¬†

By now, the game starts, and your job is done. The game will randomly select numbers and will show them as balls being selected. Then, it will push towards that number you choose. Finally, any winnings you get will be paid out. 

How To Play Video Keno: 5 Vital Winning Strategies 

how to play video keno

Choose Games And Casinos With Higher Payouts

It seems obvious, but most players don’t know this strategy. You can even be playing¬†slot machines, and other¬†river slots sweepstakes¬†game at your favorite online casino. But it might not be the best place to play video keno.¬†

First, check how many keno variants they have, including the payouts, for guessing the correct numbers. In most online casinos, you can select up to 10, 15, or 20 numbers to be, and 20 out of 80 are drawn. 

As a general rule, casinos have bigger payouts than traditional ones. So it’s always better to play online.¬†

Play Demos To Understand The Game 

If you want to know how to play video keno, first play free¬†sweepstakes games. But, of course, keno isn’t a complex game. And that’s why many players begin playing with real money first. By the way, most of them lose a lot.¬†

There are numerous bigger differences in payouts and more minor differences in the platforms. For example, some casinos may lag a lot, which can restart the¬†internet sweepstakes¬†game before it’s finished. When you play for free, it makes no difference whether you lose money or not. But it’s not like that when you play for real money.¬†

Even if you know how to play video keno and are better at it, it’s still necessary to play the demo first. That can help you decrease the amount of money you lose and increase your chances of winning.¬†

Choose Between Four And Eight Numbers 

When you get the option to select up to 15 or 20 numbers with the same wager, the question becomes, how many numbers is the correct number? Most beginner players think that more is better. 

It somehow makes sense since the more you choose, the better your chances of getting the correct one. But remember that the payouts change due to the number of numbers you select in total. 

So if you pick five out of five chosen, the payout might be 50 to 1. That’s cool. But if you guess five out of 10 selected, that decreases to 3 to 1. So what should you do? When you pick less than four, there’s a low chance you’ll win. After all, there are 80 numbers in the keno machine.¬†

However, if you chose over eight, you’ll always need to hit at least four or more numbers to acquire additional money above what you’ve already spent your wager on. But if there’s a¬†progressive jackpot, it may be helpful to choose more numbers if you can afford it, of course.¬†

Select Consecutive Numbers

how to win at video keno

The next tip focuses on numbers to select when placing a bet. A general piece of advice is to choose consecutive numbers. When playing the video keno, the numbers are drawn by the RNG (Random Number Generator). But some players believe playing consecutive numbers can help you. 

But does it work when you bet like that? No, but sometimes it does. It all comes down to chance. If you don’t have any strategy in your book, you can try it out. It might work for you. You can play for free since you have nothing to lose.¬†

When it comes to betting on cold numbers, choose a platform that displays the most and least drawn numbers in the rsweeps online game. 

Choose A Reliable Online Casino 

If you want to know how to play video keno, you first choose a trusted¬†online casino. If you’re going to increase your winning chances, most of your choices need to be linked to a particular¬†internet cafe sweepstakes¬†game platform and casino.¬†

Even if you get a good strategy, it won’t work out if the casino is illegal. So before you choose a website, do your background check and ensure a recognized regulatory body regulates it. Also, check their reviews to know what others are saying about the online casino.¬†

It’s also good to find out if their customer support is responsive. For example, if you want to win video keno, the right online casino can give you that boost.¬†


Like the land-based sweepstakes game, video keno aims to predict which of 80 numbered balls will be selected by the machine. Thus, you have 1-80 numbers to choose from, and you can select a specific amount. 

When you finish your selection, the machine will choose a set number out of the 80 available. If your prediction was correct, you win. Different payouts are depending on how numerous proper selections you made and which bet you placed. 

If you want to know¬†how to play video keno, this is the overview. It’s fun and straightforward to play. However, you need an excellent strategy to increase your chances of winning. The more you play the game, the more you find your way of beating the system.¬†

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