Exceptional Visuals

Ocean Monster became famous for its super-engaging gameplay and high payout rates. This fish table game features excellent graphics and high-end sound effects. Ocean Monster, with all the listed features, provides you with exceptional opportunities to enjoy quality time and earn money at the same time.


Straightforward Rules

Let's dive deeper into details and discuss the mechanics of Ocean Monster! Before you start playing the game, you will have to purchase the bullets to load your cannon. Once you buy bullets, you will be able to use the cannon, target the fish, and start earning money.

Opportunities to Test Your Skills

Ocean Monster is a skill-based game. In addition, Ocean Monster allows you to test different strategies and try various tactics to determine which one works best for you. So, prepare for an immersive gaming experience, develop your skills, and never give up easily!


Various Fish Characters

One of the main features that sets Ocean Monster apart from other similar games is the number of fish characters. In Ocean Monster, you will encounter 17 different types of fish, all having different values. In addition to this, the game also features 4 boss characters that can get you higher rewards.

The high number of fish characters means that you will have more options to choose from. This flexibility allows players to pick their targets more easily and effectively, which, in turn, results in higher payouts.

Play Ocean Monster on Mobile for Better Precision

Ocean Monster is compatible with PCs, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. This fish arcade game can be accessed from both Android and iOS devices. So, if you are into mobile gaming, you now know what to play!

It's worth noting that many players prefer to play Ocean Monster on phones rather than from a PC. This is because, according to them, the touch screen feature gives them more flexibility and the opportunity to aim at fish more precisely!

So try Ocean Monster on the Flamingo App and start collecting your rewards!