Quick Hits Slot Games to Play for Swift Spins and Instant Wins
  • November 30, 2023
  • Brian

Quick Hits Slot Games to Play for Swift Spins and Instant Wins

Quick hits slot games will be familiar to anyone without enough experience playing casino games. Quick hit slot machines are a collection of several games under the banner of Bally Technologies. These games are famous for their unreal earning potential.

If you want to double or triple your money, you don’t need to play video poker, fish games, or other casino games. Free Quick Hit Slots allow you to win more than 2x or 3x your wager. However, to maximize your winning potential, you need to know which games to play and how to play the games.

This article presents the best Quick Hit casino slot games and how to play them.

Quick Hits Slot: Overview 

quick hit casino slot games

Many online casino slot games promise double or triple your wager if you play the game and win the jackpot. But the Quick Hits slot machine is one of the easiest casino games to win, and you can play from the lot. Unlike most slot machines, this game started from physical casinos and made many players realize their dreams from the jackpots.

Bally Technologies has made the game available on online casino software platforms with better jackpots and favorable odds. The average Quick Hit slots free game has a return to player percentage of 95%, which is high for most slot game providers. The RTP means you can expect to win something 95 times out of 100 on your wager.

And if you want to win the ultimate jackpot, you must maximize the games’ advantages. There are many Quick Hit casino slot games, and they all have rules, symbols, jackpots, and difficulty ratings. However, no matter how hard a game is to win, there are always bonus features that can make your gaming easier and influence your winning chances. 

Quick Hit slots free coins are one of the ways that Bally Technologies ensures you’ll always have the opportunity to play and win the game’s jackpots. The free coins let you play Quick Hits slot games or free, and you can win the jackpot if you make the right combinations on the reels.

If you already have experience playing slot games, then you should not have any problem with playing Quick Hits slot games. However, don’t mistake the rules and paytables to be the same. You must play free Quick Hit slots to become familiar with the highest-paying symbols.

Quick Hit Casino Slot Games to Play

There are several types of Quick Hit casino slot games that you can play online. These games are all produced by some of the best sweepstakes software distributors but have different jackpots, symbols, bonus features, gaming mechanics, and more. If you play the platinum version instead of the free Quick Hit slots, your bankroll will take the punishment.

The following are the best Quick Hit Slot games that you can play online and offline:

Quick Hit Platinum slots

quick hit slots free coins

Quick Hit Platinum slots is one of the most popular Quick Hits Slot games on Flamingo7 Casino. This game combines noteworthy features of both the classic casino slot games and their modern versions. It boasts a slot structure that has five reels and three rows. You also get an improved lucrative deal with 30 paylines and several classic slot symbols.

The jackpot in this game is one of the best in the casino. But to hit the ultimate jackpot, you must assemble nine quick hit symbols on the reels. If that happens, you can win a fabulous 2000x your original wager.

You can get a higher jackpot payout if you have 5 Quick Hit Platinum symbols on your reels. Having these combinations gives you an astounding 5,000 times your original wager.

Quick Hit Pro slots

Quick Hit Pro slot machines differ from other Quick Hit casino slot games. This slot machine has five reels and four rows instead of the 5×3 structure in other Quick Hit games. The four rows give you more space for winning symbols and better chances of making jackpot combinations.

The number of symbols in the Quick Hit Pro machine is more than in other Quick Hit slots free games. The game also has 40 paylines. So, for every spin you make, 20 symbols will appear on the reels, meaning you have a better chance of winning bonus games or even making jackpot combinations.

To win the jackpot in this game, you must study the paytables because it differs from other Quick Hits slot games. If you’re a new player, it is better that you play free Quick hit slots first and then play the real money version after getting the hang of things. You’ll get the jackpot if you assemble 11 Quick Hit symbols on the reels.

Quick Hit Cash Wheel slots

Quick Hit Cash Wheel is one of the most lucrative online casino slot games. This game has the same slot structure as other Quick Hits slots; it has five reels and three rows. The game also boasts classic slot symbols like bells, lucky 7s, bars, cherries, and popular card icons: J, K, Q, A, 10, and 9.

To win the ultimate jackpot in this game, you must assemble nine Quick Hits slot symbols and get 1500 times your stake. If you’re used to playing Quick Hit slots free version, you’ll be comfortable playing the Cash Wheels game.

Quick Hit Las Vegas

free quick hit slots

The Las Vegas Quick Hits Slots game is a popular series. This game can be easily seen in Las Vegas casinos. The game boasts excellent graphics, sounds, and bonus games.

You can play Las Vegas Quick Hit slots free on Flamingo7 Casino and Riversweeps Casino.

Quick Hit Black Gold slots

You can’t say you have played Quick Hits slots if you haven’t played the Black Gold version of the game. This Quick Hits slot has a structure similar to the platinum game. It also boasts a couple of classic slot symbols, like cherries, bells, lucky 7s, and more. Some notable changes to the paytable include a $ symbol and another Bar symbol.

You can also play Quick Hit slots free on several mobile casinos and Flamingo Casino.

Quick Hits Slot and Bonus Games

Most Quick Hits slot machines have bonus features that help boost a player’s bankroll and give a better chance of winning the jackpot. Apart from the regular jackpot bonuses like free spins, wilds, scatters, and the Quick Hits slot symbol, the Quick Hits slots game boasts several casino promotions to make the game more exciting.

At the start of the platinum bonus game, the Quick Hit slot game presents a grid of 20 tiles with question marks. Each tile contains several free games that you’ll get. You’ll choose the tiles randomly until you have chosen three with the same number. And that is the number of free games and free spins that you’ll get.

quick hit slot

As for the Black Gold version of Quick Hit slot games, you’ll be presented with a grid of 18 tiles with question marks. However, instead of making you choose the number of free spins you’ll get, the sweepstakes software already gives you 10 free spins. The tiles give you different bonus games that you can play.

The Black Gold Quick Hits slot bonuses include Locking Wilds, Quick Hit Fever, 3x pays, and 2x pays. These bonuses allow you to boost your payout with up to 7500 times your bet.

You also have the chance to get Quick Hit slots free coins, which you can use to play the game for free or play bonus games like Prochinko. Quick Hits slots also boast multipliers for every bonus game you play.


Can I play Quick Hit slots free?

You can play Quick Hit casino slot games for free on your mobile phones and Flamingo7 Casino.

How to win the Quick Hits Slots jackpot?

If you want to win the jackpot attached to a Quick Hits slot game, you have to study the game’s paytable, know all the highest symbols, and play the free game for some practical knowledge. Also, knowing which Quick Hit slot game you’re playing is essential.

How do you play Quick Hit bonus games?

You need Quick Hit slots free coins, and some luck to play the bonus games attached to this slot machine. Specific slot symbol activations activate the bonuses; the information required is on the paytable.

Which is the best Quick Hits Slot game?

The best Quick Hits slot machine is the platinum version of Quick Hit. The game has higher payouts, better returns percentage, and more lucrative bonuses. In addition, this online slot comes with top-notch graphics and sound effects. 

Where can I play free Quick Hit slots?

You can play free Quick Hit slots on Flamingo7 Casino, BitPlay Casino, and Riversweeps Casino.


Quick Hits slot machines are some of the best games you can play online and offline. They offer a remarkable opportunity to win up to 7500 times your actual bet. And this is without factoring in the payout from bonus games. You should head to the nearest Quick Hits casino if you want a machine to plan and get instant wins. Register on BitPlay now to play these games.

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