Flat Betting System – The Most Straightforward Strategy to Win
  • December 14, 2021
  • Ronald Adams

Flat Betting System – The Most Straightforward Strategy to Win

The flat betting system is probably the most straightforward betting system used in a casino. You just stubbornly bet the same amount. This article explains which games flat wagering is beneficial for, as well as providing all the necessary information you need to know about this type of wagering.

About the flat betting system

In contrast to all other betting systems, there is no progression behind the flat betting system. That means: not to notice a series of numbers that determine the stakes, no change in the stakes depending on profit or loss. In plain language: With flat wagering, the same amount is wagered over the entire period of the game, regardless of whether it is a win or a loss. Sounds boring? But it’s a friendly approach to the¬†online gambling¬†game, especially for beginners, when they set reasonable limits.

Flat betting is mainly reported in connection with the classic casino game of roulette, but it is also frequently used in blackjack. Flat wagering can also be used in craps, 3D slots, and other casino games. The chances are relatively irrelevant. Whether 50:50 or side bets, flat betting can be applied to all bets.

That is how the flat betting system works

Let’s take a closer look at flat wagering. Like progressive betting systems, it is not dependent on previous wins or losses but works with the probabilities of the game of chance. True to the motto: At some point, there will be a profit, and until then, it just happens: Not much. Flat wagering fans argue that this system’s losses are much lower than with progressive systems. However, these are often riskier, and – depending on whether they work with positive or negative progression – the risk of high losses or stakes is not to be despised.

In betting systems with a progression, incredibly high stakes may have to be made for losses. Everything goes its way in flat wagering: the stake remains the same, no surprise for the player. At some point, the ball will land on the correct number.

How is the flat betting system played?

Flat betting

There is not much to explain, and complicated tables are unnecessary for illustration. However, probably essential preparation for flat wagering: the stake has to be thought through! As a rule, a player on a budget should go to the table. Take the example of an inexperienced gambler who has yet to find their way into the world of gambling. The gambler is excited and sits at the gaming table for the first time. He has 200 dollars available as a budget for the evening, which he would like to use on roulette.

So the player chooses a stake that amounts to one to two percent of his total budget, i.e., 2 to 4 dollars. The player decides to place a stake of two dollars. That means: the gamer plays with a stake of two dollars for the entire duration, regardless of whether the player loses or wins, and can thus make 100 stakes before his budget is used up. In this way, the player can familiarize himself with the game, learn to understand the gaming mechanisms, and observe how fellow players and dealers behave at the table.

More experienced players can, of course, choose higher stakes. Up to 5% of the total budget is realistic.


Realistic is a good keyword that describes flat wagering well. Because if flat betting is one thing, it is practical! Progressive systems often work with the small hope that the player will eventually win in the long run. In truth, however, it is instead the other way around because, as is well known, the advantage always lies with the bank. So even if it’s small, you are more likely to lose than to win in the long run.

Flat wagering knows and appreciates this fact. It knows that you will lose in the long run and treats roulette as a negative but enjoyable investment. The 2.7% house edge is the price you pay for a night of great entertainment. With that in mind and a realistic view of the game, flat wagering is the right choice with the best odds and can become a fun and profitable system. After all, happiness is always possible.

The fact that flat wagering is so straightforward to use makes it especially interesting for beginners. You do not have to memorize complicated series of numbers or constantly adjust your bets in the event of a win or loss. You have a fixed amount for the duration of the game, which you can bet again and again, so you can concentrate on the rest of the game. It is much – especially for beginners testing their skills in different¬†types of casino games¬†– much easier on the nerves than any other system because you don’t have to make high stakes that you don’t feel comfortable with.


Flat betting

The most significant disadvantage of flat wagering lies in its low variance. Because if you look at flat betting in roulette, you can clearly say that the advantage lies with the bank. A 50:50 bet is not a real 50:50 bet because there is still zero or a double zero. And that quickly shifts the advantage to the side of the bank. But, of course, this also applies to all other casino betting systems. Whatever they promise: Ultimately, the advantage lies with the bank.

Many experienced players find flat wagering boring – and rightly so. There is not much variety in wagering the same amount repeatedly and not being able to adjust it to the course of the game. Anyone who cannot imagine that is not well advised with the flat wagering system.


The flat betting system doesn’t have to be learned. It’s just there! Set the amount, and off you go. That makes this betting system the best choice for beginners in the world of casino gaming. But for experienced and professional players, it is probably the most boring betting system that you can imagine.


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