Top 5 Tips to Play Real Money Slots
  • December 30, 2021
  • Ronald Adams

Top 5 Tips to Play Real Money Slots

Players worldwide have known for decades: real money slots offer great entertainment and huge profits with a bit of luck. However, there are often many slot machines in online casinos, gaming houses, and game libraries. So how do you go about choosing the best real money slots? And when are slot machines the best?

1. Play as many paylines and with as high stakes as possible

Meanwhile, there are not only online real money slots with three reels. Today’s video slot machines offer up to 243 ways to win. To get the most out of the slot, you should use its possibilities. So play as many paylines and features as you can. Keep an overview of your credit balance – there are more tips on this in the sections on bankroll management.

The background to this: the more you bet, the more you can win. For example, if you only play one payline with a total amount of one cent, the online slot machine will not develop its full potential.

Often the payout ratio increases from a certain number of paylines, and additional bonus features are activated if you bet more. The total bet comprises the coin value per line, the number of lines, and the number of coins per line.

2. Find out the payout ratio and volatility

Real money slots

The real money slots differ in terms of their payout ratio and volatility. Slots with a higher payout ratio (also known as Return to Player – RTP) pay back more per game in the long term than slots with a lower RTP.

It will help if you prefer real money slots with a high payout ratio, i.e., 96% or more. These slots are also known as “loose.”¬†Slots¬†machines with high volatility pay out more irregularly but tend to have more significant winnings. If a slot has low volatility, you can expect more regular but smaller wins. Choose an online slot that has the winning regularity you want.

So how do you find the payout ratio and volatility?

Many manufacturers have noted the¬†RTP¬†in the payout table, which you can call up by clicking on the info button. Sometimes the volatility is also given there. Suppose one or more information is missing there. In that case, you can look it up on the Internet, for example, on the provider’s¬†gambling site¬†or in our payout table, or ask the online casino’s customer service. Alternatively, you can play a few rounds and test whether the online slot machine pays out to your satisfaction.

3. Slot machine bankroll management #1: This is what you should take with you from slot machines

With good bankroll management, you can always keep an eye on your balance and ultimately play more rounds at the best slots online. In principle, you should only take as much at the machine as your budget allows. But, first, you determine a maximum amount for yourself, the complete theoretical loss you can easily bear financially within the next few weeks and months.

That is your total bankroll; the full amount does not have to be in your player account.

For simplicity, let’s take 1,000 USD as an example. You then take 5 to 10% of this total amount to the slot machines – i.e., 50 to 100 USD. Choose 5% for¬†slot machines¬†with low to medium volatility and 10% for real money slots with high volatility.

If you were to lose these 50 to 100 USD completely, it would not significantly impact your bankroll, and you can continue to play with minor adjustments in the next session.

4. Real Money Slots Bankroll Management #2: This is how much you should wager per spin

Real money slots

Bankroll management is also helpful in determining the stakes per spin. Here we use percentages again as an aid. With conservative, secure bankroll management, you should use around 2% of the available session amount for a spin for low-volatility slot machines and a maximum of 1% for high-volatility slots. You can also use it to overcome streaks of bad luck.

With 50 dollars session credit, that would be 1 dollar stake per spin. It would be best to play with as many lines and features as possible, as you learned above.

So see if you can play all paylines with the determined spin bet. Then adjust the coin size and number of coins per line if necessary until you reach the bet per spin and start the game.

5. Use the autoplay function carefully in real money slots

Almost all online slots have an autoplay function. This feature allows you to play automatically without hitting the spin button every time. However, Autoplay has its pitfalls:

You cannot use slot games bonus functions at the end of a round, such as a risk ladder, in some real money slots. In addition, you can quickly run the risk of losing track of your current balance and losing sight of your bankroll. 

Some providers allow you to set specific limits such as loss and win limits for the autoplay function in addition to the stake. So, in principle, only select Autoplay if you can afford it and do without any bonus functions you may have missed.

What also needs to be considered when playing offline:

Inquire about payout rates with the employees: Just like with online slots, you should be able to easily find payout rates on offline slots games, such as on a plaque or a sticker above the screen in some sweeps cash casinos.

Ask the employees which slot games offer the best odds of winning if you’re unsure. You can also inquire which top¬†online slot games¬†they recommend to play and why. If you receive helpful responses, give a tip.

Free games are not accessible at land-based casinos: if you want to play a machine that you are unfamiliar with and are uncertain of its functionality, you can wait a little bit and observe other players.

However, in a gaming hall or casino, a free game like an online casino is usually not possible. Alternatively, you might begin with lower stakes to familiarize yourself with the machines so that you can easily switch to real money slots afterwards. 


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