Which Online Casino Scams You May Face On The Internet?
  • October 26, 2021
  • Ronald Adams

Which Online Casino Scams You May Face On The Internet?

To avoid being cheated, a casino player needs to understand and roughly imagine what kind of online casino scams tricks there are in the vastness of online sweepstakes. After all, entering the playground, the user counts on the favor of fortune and hopes to raise an impressive win. Unfortunately, when scammers come into play, luck for the average user no longer shines. Seduced by the hope of getting easy money, the player falls into cleverly arranged online casino scams and says goodbye to the available rewards.

Online Casino Scams: What Are They?

There are quite a few cases when players face online casino scams. Scammers use the name of a licensed online casino with a high reputation to get rich at the expense of an unsuspecting player.

In the first months of their existence, such casino scammers pursue a relatively fair policy towards users. They offer generous bonuses, allow you to withdraw minimum wins, lure with no deposit, and lucrative special offers. At first, the online casino scam site’s audience is growing, the number of reviews from successful players is increasing, and new visitors are attracted.

Then, however, there comes a moment when the number of lucky gamers starts to decline, and something strange happens with the payment of winnings: online sweepstakes casinos delay payments or leave the user with nothing at all.

Changing video slot settings

online casino scams

One of the easiest ways for casino scams not to let players win is to upgrade video slots settings. Fraudsters turn this around using scripted slots or hacked software. Thus, the operator gains access to the program code since all settlement operations take place on the side. That leads to the fact that the RTP rates fall by 10-20%.

Deceptive bonuses

Another popular method among online casino scams is the accrual of bonuses that the player will never be able to wager. To collect your winnings, you first need to wager the received bonus. Here are some reasons why wagering becomes impossible:

The maximum bet rate is too low.

Each sweepstakes casino sets a specific bet limit rate at which you may activate bonuses. When the rate decreases to the maximum allowable value, the user will not physically be able to wager the bonuses and withdraw the won funds.

Limited time to wager

Players receive an impressive amount of bonuses from the operator, but the period given for wagering is concise. Because of this, users do not have enough time to use the funds. There are also casino scams where you first need to activate a no deposit bonus and then wager it at a specific time (for example, in 1 hour).

The list of slot machines for wagering bonuses is very narrow.

Only a few video slots are connected to the bonus program. Often these are slots with the lowest return percentage, which does not allow you to win back your money, or the casino deliberately delays the process of wagering bonuses. It also happens that operators specifically do not allow slots from the list, hiding behind ongoing technical work or problems with equipment.

Refusal to pay out won funds

Sometimes even scripted devices give users a big jackpot. But it’s too early to rejoice – now the player has to go through verification. The process of passing can remind you of a nightmare. The users will be required to have a million documents and identity documents. Then, when the users collect all the documents, casino scammers will inform them that they cannot accept documents because of poor-quality photos. Thus, the identity verification process will drag on for days.

Casino scammers use this method to keep gamers in a casino site and make them continue investing their money in video slots. However, after the player can verify his identity, unscrupulous operators can use a new online casino scam. First, they block a user account, justifying this because the IP address is not accurate, that is, a duplicate. Additionally, they may invent a hundred more reasons related to violations of the user agreement.

Phishing and hacking

It takes a lot of effort and money to create your own, even dishonest, online casino. Therefore, casino scammers use a simpler scheme. First, they make an exact copy of the site, where the design, name, colors completely duplicate the actual casino site. Then, they place a duplicate on a similar domain.

However, if you look closely, online casino scams are easily recognized. For example, the main page, title, and design of the registration form are the same. However, other links and transitions on the site are not working (not clickable).

Such casino scams are designed for absent-minded users who enter the playground through the link received in the browser output. Unfortunately, after these players enter their data, they discover no transition and leave to look for another site. However, the data falls into the clutches of casino scammers who can now withdraw money from the user’s account.

Winning strategies in slot machines

online casino scams

There are other ways of casino scams, such as advice from experienced players who distribute strategies that will “surely” lead to a win. Some scammers advise for free, and others ask to pay them for the service.

It often happens that by purchasing an instruction on how to win in the machine, the users find out that they wasted their money. Sweeps cash casino scammers usually distribute the Martingale strategy, which every person can review for free, and this strategy often does not work in conditions close to reality.

Sometimes the scheme can be distributed free of charge. For example, the user follows the referral link, deposits money, and the fraudulent advisor receives cash for the brought player.


Success in a casino depends on the player’s luck and the fairness of the site. Therefore, it is necessary to play on proven casinos that have been in the¬†casino business¬†for a long time. Use two-factor authentication, a casino client for PCs and devices, launch machines, first in trial mode. If you follow basic precautions, you will not face any online casino scams and enjoy your¬†casino game¬†safely.


How to Avoid Online Casino Scams?

To Avoid Online casino scams, you need to make a throughout research before signing up at the first platform that offers the highest bonuses. Read online casino reviews and find out more about those platforms.

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