Online Casinos with Free Sign-up Bonuses [2023]
  • April 16, 2023
  • Jackie Garcia

Online Casinos with Free Sign-up Bonuses [2023]

If you want to boost your gaming budget and are looking for online casinos with free sign-up bonuses, you have come to the right place.

The online gambling business has been on the rise for years now. Due to the increasing competition, casino operators are trying to come up with various ways of attracting new users. One such tool for online casinos is offering promotions to potential customers to motivate them to register accounts.

There is a variety of promotions that players can find on modern online casinos. In today’s extensive blog post, we cover all the bonuses that are commonly offered to players. We will also explain ways in which players can activate them. In addition, we will provide a list of online casinos that offer the best sign up bonus offers to users.

So without further ado, let’s get straight to the business!

How to Use Free Sign-up Bonuses to Build Your Bankroll at Online Casinos

online casinos with free sign-up bonuses

In order to activate the welcome promotions, players are typically required to register an account at a particular online casino. When it comes to the best sign-up bonus offers, they usually do not involve the deposit requirement and can be automatically activated by setting up an account and verifying it. 

However, in some cases, players must first make a deposit to be eligible for the signup bonus. These type of best casino promotions are equally valuable since players still get the free credits that they can later use for playing games and potentially win real money. 

Online Casinos with Free Sign-up Bonuses: Top Options to Try 

When we are talking about online casinos with free sign-up bonuses, and especially the best sign-up bonus offers, we mean BitBetWin BitPlay, and BitOfGold. These online casinos are famous for their lucrative deals that players can claim easily without many requirements or complicated rules.


Let’s start with BitBetWin! BitBetWin offers a signup bonus that stands at USD 5. This means that when a user registers and verifies an account, s/he will automatically become eligible for a USD 5 bonus. 

Check out this short tutorial explaining every step you need to take to register on BitBetWin:


Just like BitBetWin, BitPlay casino also offers its potential users a sign-up bonus worth USD 5. The rules for receiving the bonus money are the same. Players just need to fill out a simple registration form and verify their account by following the instructions that they will receive on their emails, and that’s it – they will become eligible for free cash!

Have a look at this quick video guide on how to register on BitPlay:


When it comes to BitOfGold, in this case, the sign-up bonus offer stands at USD 20. Yes, you heard it right, just by signing up on BitOfGold, players have a chance to get free USD 20.

However, that’s not all. BitOfGold users are eligible for up to USD 100 bonus money as part of the welcome promotion. 

To illustrate all this better, let’s discuss a couple of examples. One such example is that players can get an additional USD 10 by joining BitOfGold’s Telegram Channel. There is also an opportunity to get USD 10 by using the referral code when registering an account.

How to Claim Your Free Sign-up Bonus at Online Casinos

online casinos with free sign-up bonuses

Activating promotions on online casinos with free sign-up bonuses is usually quite easy. Let’s break down the whole process on the examples of BitBetWin, BitOfGold, and BitPlay.

The first step players need to take to claim sign-up bonuses on these online casinos is to set up an account. In order to do so, you will have to just fill out a quick registration application with basic information such as your first and last name, date of birth, email, phone number, username, and password.

The registration stage is followed by the verification step. Verification on all these online casinos is obligatory, as the casino operators need to verify whether there is a real person behind the user. 

After you get through the verification, you automatically become eligible for the sign-up bonus. 

Online Casinos with Free Sign-up Bonuses: Main Benefits of Playing in These Platforms

The main benefit of activating the best sign-up bonuses on the listed platforms is that players can increase their gaming budgets and get an advantageous headstart before they start playing their favorite games.

In addition to this, with the awarded free credits, players are able to explore different options without risking their own money. This allows users to try out those games with which they never had an experience before and figure out whether they are worth playing with their cash.

The most remarkable thing about all this is that users can test different games with free credits and still be able to win real money. 

This opportunity can be especially important for new users who do not have much experience in the gambling world. Thanks to these bonuses, such players can first test themselves at different games and make more informed choices when picking titles at a later stage. 

Tips for Maximizing Your Free Sign-up Bonus at Online Casinos

The best strategy to maximize your free sign-up bonus is to go for all the best casino promotions that are on offer at a particular platform.

As we have mentioned above, sign-up bonuses can come as a package (for example, this is the case with BitOfGold). This means that in addition to the fixed welcome bonus money that can be awarded automatically, players can claim additional promotions if they fulfill particular tasks.

So our main recommendation is to fully go through the description of a particular sign-up bonus in order not to miss out on any tasks that may bring you even more free money. 

Alternatives to Casino Sign-up Bonuses

best sign-up bonus offers

The most common alternatives for casino sign-up bonuses are deposit matches. However, unlike the welcome promotions, in this case, players need to first deposit money in order to become eligible for the deposit match bonuses. 

In the cases of BitBetWin, BitOfGold, and BitPlay, the deposit match bonuses for the first installment stand at 50%. This means that when players make their first deposits on these platforms, they will get 50% of the deposited money as a gift. So, for example, if the first deposit amounts to USD 100, the awarded cash will be an additional USD 50. 

However, this promotion doesn’t only apply to the first match. It also covers second and third deposits. In these cases, the deposit match percentage stands at 20%.

Common Terms and Conditions of Free Sign-up Bonuses at Online Casinos

The most common terms and conditions that online casinos with free sign-up bonuses have in place are time limits and game restrictions. 

The time limits set a particular timeframe for the validity of the bonus. This means that a player may be required to use the bonus up to a certain deadline, after which the awarded free credits can be annulled.

As for game restrictions, it limits the list of games where players can use the bonuses that they receive. In other words, players may be restricted from using their bonus money with games that are not included in the list of available titles for bonus play. 


There are an increasing number of online casinos with free sign-up bonuses. Due to the variety of choices, it can be hard to determine which casinos offer the best sign-up bonus offers.

We hope that our blog was helpful for players who are trying to test new online casinos with free sign-up bonuses. We believe that the recommended casinos – BitOfGold, BitBetWin, and BitPlay – are the go-to choices if you want to get a true gambling experience and, at the same time, claim the most lucrative welcome promotions. 


If you still have a couple of questions regarding online casinos with free sign-up bonuses, we got you. Below, you can have a look at our quick FAQ, which will provide you with additional insights on the best sign-up bonus offers. 

What casinos give free play when signing up?

The best online casinos with free sign-up bonuses are BitBetWin, BitOfGold, and BitPlay. These platforms are trusted worldwide, and in addition to lucrative bonus offers, they excel with their wide selection of casino games

What online casino has best sign-up bonus?

The best sign-up bonus is offered by BitOfGold. As we explained above, the main advantage of the BitOfGold welcome bonus is that it comes as a package. So, in addition to a one-time automatic sign-up bonus, players can activate extra welcome promotions by fulfilling a number of tasks. 

What online casino has the highest no deposit bonus? 

In addition to the list of online casinos with free sign-up bonuses that we have listed above, the highest no deposit bonus is offered by BitSpinWin. The sign up promotion offered by BitSpinWin amounts to USD 200, which is truly an exceptional deal. 

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