How To Win At Keno: Top 4 Strategies That Work In 2021
  • October 19, 2021
  • Frank Cooper

How To Win At Keno: Top 4 Strategies That Work In 2021

Even though most players in the U.S. enjoy¬†Keno,¬†it’s probably the most underrated game out there. And that’s it’s controlled by chance. Now, even though this info may be somehow accurate (because it’s a gambling casino game), you can use some practical tips to help you increase your winning chances.¬†

You can find your optimal play, mainly if you play the casino game correctly. And also, use smart ways to manage your money. Remember that the tips explained in this guide will not get you a win in each play. 

However, if you want to know how to win at Keno online, these strategies have proven to work. But before we begin, what is Keno? 

What Is Keno? 

Keno is a simple game that’s easy to follow, including the way the game is played. All you have to do is select some numbers, and if they turn out to be the winning numbers, you win. Now, most keno games come with 80 numbers.¬†

The most popular keno version is the 20-spot Keno, where you select 20 numbers and hope that the numbers you selected get drawn. You can play the game by paying $1, $2, $3, or even $20. 

Your payout is calculated based on the amount of winning keno numbers you get, including your bet size. State lotteries have fixed drawing numbers, but you can play the keno game online several times as you want. 

So that’s how the game essentially works. You decide how much you bet, the number of spots you want to play, and hope for the best. 

Top 4 Ways To Win At Keno Online 

how to win at keno

1. Pick Games & Casinos With Better Payouts

It may be pretty obvious to you, but you’d be surprised at how many players don’t regard this as a severe point. You may even have your favorite¬†online casino¬†to play various slot machines and other¬†casino games. But the platform may not be the right place to play Keno.¬†

Before you start playing online Keno, you need to know how many variants of Keno the casino has. And you also need to check the payouts to help you guess the right numbers. Most online casinos give you the chance to either select up to 10, 15, or 20 numbers to bet on. 

Then you can draw 20 numbers out of the 80. It’s better to play the keno game online because they offer better payouts. You can try land-based casinos, but you want to get the same perks compared to¬†online casinos.¬†

2. Try The Keno For Free Before You Begin

Keno isn’t a complicated casino game to play. And that’s why most players start playing with real money without any practice. So it’s not a surprise when they lose a lot. Regardless of the casino game you play, it’s always better to play the free version to understand the game better.¬†

You can find some vast differences in payouts or minor differences in the casino game platforms. Even though there’s a little difference when you play for free, you can save yourself hundreds of dollars when playing for real money.¬†

Even if you read the best tips to increase your winning chances and are adequately sure of yourself, you should still practice first. You may never know what can occur. But it’s better not to lose cash in the process until you’ve had enough practice.¬†

3. Pick Between Four And Eight Numbers 

Sometimes, you’ll get an option to select up to 15 or 20 numbers using the same wager. When that happens, the logical question to ask is how many numbers is the right number? Most beginner players think that the more you select, the better. 

Of course, it makes sense. Choosing more increases your chances of getting most of them correct. But remember that the payout changes depending on how many numbers you pick in total. 

For example, if you pick five out of five and get them correct, you may get 50 to 1 as your payout. That’s excellent. But if you guess five out of ten chosen, that decreases to 3 to 1. So 

What should you do? Select between four to eight numbers. When you pick less than four, your chances of winning get remarkably low. Besides, there are 80 numbers in the video Keno or the Random Number Generator, after all. 

Also, if you choose more than eight, you’ll always have to hit about four or more numbers to get any additional money above what you initially wagered with. But, of course, it’s not that simple.¬†

But if there is a progressive jackpot linked to the keno game, it may be smart to select more numbers. But you should only do that if you can afford it. If you can’t, leave it. 

4. Place A Limit On Your Keno Losses 

how to win at keno

It’s easy for you to get so obsessed with the notion of winning Keno. And that can cause you to overlook how much you’ve been spending on the game. So even though it’s good to know how to play Keno and win, you should constantly monitor your losses.¬†

Keno is a fast game. So even though betting on 20 numbers feels simple, your account balance will show whether you’re progressing or not after several games. Therefore, it’s always the best idea to place a loose limit so that you don’t overspend.¬†

Generally, the limit should be an amount that doesn’t affect any part of your budget. The betting money should only be those you’ve set aside for the game. It’s a bad idea to use your bills to play sweepstakes games. 

So before you learn how to play Keno, always set a limit. Then, if you don’t know how to do that, talk to an expert to help you out.¬†


If you want to increase your winning chances significantly, you need to learn how to play Keno. So we recommend using the free version before you proceed with playing for real money. By using this guide, you can learn how to play¬†Keno¬†and win. That said, if you‚Äôre searching for the¬†latest sweepstakes solutions, we recommend FlamingoSeven. They offer you multi-functional software that can help you grow your business. So contact us now, and let’s grow your business.¬†


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